Challenger of the Day

Hitting Home Runs For A Miracle

Challenger Miracle Field of Greater Rochester NEEDS our help!

I am very proud, humbled and excited about my partnership with the Team at hobbyDB to sell my diecast Challenger collection for such a noble cause. I approached the hobbyDB team with my idea and they graciously agreed to help facilitate this online store by waiving all of their fees and helping to promote the store to their network of die cast and car enthusiasts around the world. 

All the proceeds from The Challenger of the Day store here will be donated to the Challenger Miracle Field project to benefit the kids and adults in the Challenger Baseball League. 

See here why we are so passionate about this.

Called to Serve

It is time for me to use my platform to spread the message and challenge my family, friends, fans, followers and colleagues to take a minute and help out!

Are you up for the Challenge?