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Team Lotus - The Formula 1 Cars: Japanese Edition

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This Japanese language edition of the 11x11-inch, all colour, soft-back book Team Lotus - The Formula 1 Cars is a fascinating look at every Formula 1 car designed, built, or raced, by Team Lotus. Starting with the Coventry-Climax engined Type 12 which competed in the first Grand Prix for Team Lotus at Monaco in 1957, the book outlines every Type number, through the DFV engined classics of the 60s, 70s and 80s, such as the Types 49, 72 and 79, to the final 1994 Mugen-Honda powered Type 109.

With an extensive appendix section at the back of the book which lists all the Lotus Grand Prix wins, drivers and Team Lotus results for every Grand Prix they competed in, this book is a must for any Lotus or Formula 1 fan. TEAM LOTUS - The Formula 1 Cars is a 60-page full colour publication. The book contains over 125 stunning, studio style colour photographs, as well as text on all the Lotus Formula 1 cars, by the author of ‘The Lotus Book’, William Taylor. This exclusive edition of just 1000 books has been produced by Coterie Press specially for the Lotus celebration event at Snetterton in 2010.

Item Condition: Mint
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