Production Details
Brand Matchbox
Series Matchbox Miniatures, 2017 Matchbox, 2017 MBX Adventure City
Alternate Name Swift Shuttle Bus
Production Status Standard Issue
Produced From: 2017 To: 2017 (Estimated)
# Produced
Made in Thailand
Reference # Collector # 12/125, Toy # DVK31, MB # 1016
UPC Code 0 35995 30782 7
Model Characteristics
Scale 1/64
Material Plastic
Color White
Interior Color Black
Casting Type Diecast
Decoration Red, Blue, Yellow & Black Stripe Graphics which include 'SWIFT SHUTTLE' and other lettering on Sides.
Route Number
Wheel Type(s) MB 6 Spoke Sport Wheel
Wheel Color Black
Baseplate Material Metal, Metal -> Diecast Metal/Mazak
Baseplate Color Dark Blue
Window Color Smoke
Packaging Details 2017 Die Cut Blister Card with 'Metal' Logo
Model Dimensions
Model of
Make Matchbox
Model Shuttle Bus
Class Bus
Body Type Single Deck
Cab Position Conventional Cab
# of Axles 2
# of Wheels 4
# of Doors 3
# of Engines 1
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