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Jayhow's Hot Wheels and Collectibles

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   Welcome to "Jayhow's Hot Wheels and Collectibles"  

I primarily sell Hot Wheels but, I do have some other collectible merchandice in stock.     Matchbox,   Jada Toys,   Star Wars,  World of Warcraft,  etc.                                                  

  **********NEW ITEMS ADDED!!!*********

  • SELECT ITEMS ON SALE NOW!!       2018 Hot Wheels CAR CULTURE DRAG STRIP DEMONS!! .... 2018 Hot Wheels 50 FAVORITES....2018 Hot Wheels CAR CULTURE TEAM TRANSPORTS!!......KDAY CASE EXCLUSIVE COLORS!!..FORZA MOTORSPORT!!...2018 Hot Wheels CAR CULTURE CIRCUIT LEGENDS (MORE IN STOCK!)...and more.****    Thank you for stopping by and I hope you can find something for your collection or maybe a gift to give others. (CLICK ON THE "+" FOR DROP DOWN MENUS FOR MORE CATAGORIES) ***NOTE:  ITEMS SHIP WITHIN 5 BUISNESS DAYS.          HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!      ~Jayhow~