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Welcome to our little space on the vast worldwide web, KMJ Diecast started selling online back in 1997 on eBay and now has the largest inventory of Hot Wheels by one seller in one online store on the entire internet. Over 60,000 Hot Wheels items are available and that number keeps growing.

K is Kirk - that is me, a retired USAF / Civil Service Firefighter. I love Hot Wheels!

M is Melissa - my oldest & first Daughter, I could not be prouder of her achievements, I love her dearly, she will never know just how much I do love her and that is her choice.

J is Jonathon - my son, a brilliant young man, has grown up into an outstanding person who cares about others well-being more than his own, again I am proud father.

I love this hobby and I care about my customers. If I make a mistake I will fix that mistake. I want you all to be a repeat customer, so tell me when you happy or if you are not. Selling Hot Wheels online started off as a hobby and is now my passion. I want to thank everyone who has been a customer, you are awesome!

I was born in Hawthorne, CA in 1955. The same town that Mattel was founded in back in the late '40s and the same town the Beach Boys grew up in. Hawthorne Boulevard was a well-known crusin' spot in Los Angeles and cool cars could be seen everywhere! My Step-Father worked at Mattel from about 1960 to 1972 along with his brother and other friends and neighbors. Mattel was a big part of my childhood as well as the Southern California Car Scene. Lions Drag Strip was just miles away and Drag Racing became a favorite pass time for my father. I was build plastic Model Cars of all my favorite Hot Rods, mainly Tom Daniels stuff and of course Ed 'Big Daddy' Roth. I was 12 years old when Hot Wheels were first released and they fit right in with my model car kits. I loved the cool Spectraflame paint and mag wheels with Redline tires and racing them on the orange track was like having the drag strip in your living room. No wonder Hot Wheels was such a success, if you think about it all kids love toy cars! And Hot Wheels are the coolest of them all!

I graduated from High School in 1973 the same year the movie American Graffiti was released and my all time favorite movie. So being born in 1955, going to Lions Drag Strip and American Graffiti in my blood it is obvious why I love the 1955 Chevy, especially the Gassers! They have always been my Hot Rod of choice! In 1977 I joined the US Air Force and became a Firefighter. I collected Fire Trucks and Cars with flames on them. My Air Force career took me overseas to Great Britain twice, but eventually I ended back in Southern California working at Camp Pendleton as a Civil Service Firefighter & Dispatcher.  On my days off living in San Clemente I opened a Sports Card & Comic Book Store called Comicopolis with a friend. This is where a customer spotted some of my Original 16 Hot Wheels from 1968 on display and told me about eBay. By 1997 I was making more money on eBay than in the Store and we closed the store. Selling Hot Wheels was a lot of fun on eBay in the early days, but today, to sell on eBay, is overwhelming to say the least.

I late 2000 I moved to Arizona where I really began the building of KMJ Diecast. It took many years of organization and data input to create KMJ Diecast. By 2005-06 eBay was no longer the place to sell and I left bringing a lot of my customers with me and I have never looked back. My inventory keeps growing and I keep getting more and more repeat customers.

Then in 2015 we moved all the inventory and customers to hobbyDB. What a great platform to sell on and to be a part of. The potential of hobbyDB is still in its infancy and I see some great things going to happen in the near future on hobbyDB. I am in the process of updating all my images, adding much more inventory and hope that customers enjoy hobbyDB as much as I do. If you enjoy collecting Hot Wheels you have found my online store, it is among the best in the world, the inventory keeps growing and customer service is like no other. I hope you enjoy my online store and if you have any suggestions feel free to contact me.

Have Fun and Happy Hot Wheels Hunting!

Kirk Smith, Manager

KMJ Diecast



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