Palakika Toys

Welcome to Palakika Toys: my personal collection. In 1975 I began to notice how different people enjoyed collecting various things. My brothers began with Hot Wheels. I began with baseball & basketball cards eventually collecting all sports. I just love toys – all kinds. So you can see how many years this collection covers. To this day I keep track of what’s popular with the children. Now however I need to let go and sell items.

Based on the items I have, Hot Wheels and Matchbox are my most collectible, next to sports cards: Baseball, Basketball, Football and Hockey, including figurines. I have quite the collection of Star Wars, Marvel and other fantasy mix genre figurines too.

I know collecting these items can be serious business to some, but I have always enjoyed trading. I take very good care of my things & most are in mint condition. The value of the items is set by many particulars and details. You may find items that cost less than mine and you may find items that cost more. Because I am selling my collections, my prices are what I want for my items regardless of what the "collectible market valves" may dictate. Remember everything will be negotiable, so let’s have some fun!

This is why I started a listing of all my collectibles. If you think you see some you like, feel free to make me an offer I can’t refuse. My list is being logged in slowly or should I say as fast as I can. If you believe I have mis-stated or misdated an item please on the contact on the bottom of this page and corrections ill be made.