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Renesans Wheels

Welcome to Renesans Wheels, my on-line garage and show gallery. Like many others, I have been collecting and playing with Hot Wheels since they were introduced in 1968.


I am not a Hot Wheels dealer. I am a Hot Wheels enthusiast and collector who happens to have some cars for sale. This shop is a means to show case my cars, share my collection with other collectors, swap stories about them, and maybe help out another collector with a long lost favorite. 


I know collecting these little gems can be serious business to some, but I have always enjoyed playing with them. Whether they are collected to play with, race, trade, or preserve, one motive is behind every reason - Bragging Rights!

Like anything "collectible", the value of these little cars are set by many particulars and details, the least of which is personal taste. While I fully respect those who collect and trade for more serious reasons - pristine packaging, latest variant, mass quantity - I'm about the car itself.


You may find cars that cost less than mine, and you may find cars that cost more. Because I am selling my private collection, my prices are what I want for my car - regardless of what may dictate “collectible market value". But like any used car lot - every car is negotiable. Feel free to make me an offer I can’t refuse. Buying, selling, and trading Hot Wheels has always been about having fun for let's have some fun!

If you believe I have miss-stated or misdated a particular car, call me on it. I know a lot, but I do not know everything. We’ll compare notes and sources. I'm always willing to learn something new about my cars from knowledgeable and reputable sources.

International Shipping: I do ship international. Please engage me for a S&H quote to your country.


Feel free to email mail me at Please reference hobbyDB in the subject line and the specific car you are discussing.


There you have it - let the drooling begin!

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