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1-75 Series


"1-75 Series" is one of the names used to denote the basic range of Matchbox small-scale diecast models. It was officially used by the Lesney company, then manufacturer of Matchbox models, from 1960 to 1974.

Prior to 1960 the range had simply been called "Matchbox Series". That name had become increasingly ambiguous due to the introduction of several separate ranges of diecast models by Lesney which also used the Matchbox brand name - Accessories, Major Packs, King Size.

Also in 1960 the decision was taken to restrict the basic range to a fixed quantity of 75 models which would be available at any one time. Therefore the name "1-75 Series" was introduced. This name was used until 1975, when it was changed to "Matchbox 75". This name in turn remained in use until just after the end of Lesney in 1982.

For 1983 the name "Matchbox Miniatures" was introduced, and this has been used ever since until the present day.

Some collectors apply the name "1-75 Series" to the range made up to 1969, i.e. before the introduction of Superfast wheels, and call the basic range made from 1970 onward "Matchbox Superfast". This, however, is very inaccurate and misleading, as the range never consisted entirely of Superfast models. (See explanations in the entries of the Superfast subjects.)

Others apply the name "1-75 Series" to the whole basic Matchbox range made from 1953 to the present day. This is also inaccurate, because the range did not always consist of 75 models: prior to 1960 the quantity was smaller, and since 1998 the range has been expanded to include 100 and eventually 120 models.

The recommended designation to be used for the range as a whole is "Matchbox Miniatures".

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