In 2005, Hot Wheels launched AcceleRacers, the successor to the Highway 35 World Race series. The story picked up from a 2 year timeskip and reintroduced 13 World Race characters and provided an all new cast. Starlight Runner Entertainment and Mainframe Entertainment were involved once more, though Starlight Runner's role/influence in the series slowly faded as they moved onto pursuing Pirates of the Caribbean with Disney. 

This series followed suit with its predecessor by introducing elements that bridged into other mediums. The main series was distributed through scheduled programming on Cartoon Network and 4 DVDs. More media could be streamed from the former Cartoon Network site, the Hot Wheels AcceleRacers domain, and enjoyed through other merchandise such as lifestyle products and the Collectible Card Game.

Hot Wheels embraced the advent of AcceleRacers as they promoted the series at the New York Toy Fair and made their first debut at San Diego Comic Con. However, in 2006, at the Nuremberg Toy Fair, Mattel announced that the AcceleRacers series would be discontinued. Though the series remains unfinished, Hot Wheels has consistently reused AcceleRacers assets, cars, and concepts to enrich their advertising, lore, and merchandise. 



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