In 2005, Hot Wheels launched AcceleRacers, the successor to the World Race series. The story picked up from a 2 year timeskip and reintroduced 13 World Race characters and an all new cast. 36 new castings were released, with accompaniments through track sets and hyperpods. Such included were the 

  • AcceleDrome track set 
  • Swamp Attack track set
  • Drone Sweeper 
  • Rocket Socket/Dragster HyperPod
  • Octo-rod/Crawler HyperPod
  • Climber HyperPod

The following releases included a car as well as one DVD

  • Carpoon Hyperpod w/ Clash on the Coast DVD or World Race Highlights DVD & Sinistra or Drift Tech
  • Dual Driller HyperPod w/ Storm Realm Survival DVD & Shredster or Power Bomb
  • Slam Ram HyperPod w/ Swamp Attack DVD & Whip Creamer II or RD-06 

The main series was distributed through 4 DVDs. Other forms of media included the Cartoon Network website (now offline), the Hot Wheels AcceleRacers site (now offline), and 246 collectible cards. 


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