In 2005, Hot Wheels launched AcceleRacers, the successor to the Highway 35 World Race series. The story picked up from a 2 year timeskip and reintroduced 13 World Race characters and provided an all new cast. The series release was accompanied by the launch of many products. 

The main series was distributed through 4 DVDs. Other forms of media included the Cartoon Network website (now offline), the Hot Wheels AcceleRacers site (now offline), and 246 collectible cards. 

Other characters without entry pages include:

  • Brian Kadeem, driver of Krazy 8s
  • Gig, a floating X-88 robotic unit that Tezla confides with 
  • Lani Tam, base assistant and driver of '55 Nomad Ambulance
  • Banjee Castillo, driver of Ballistik 
  • Alec Wood, driver of Switchback (presumably)
  • Dan Dresden, driver of Sidedraft (presumably) 



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