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Air France


Societe Air France, is the French flag carrier.


Societe Air France, is the French flag carrier.

Formed in 1933 from a merger of Air Orient, Air Union, Compagnie Generale Aerostatle. Compagnie Internationale de Navigation Aeriene and Societe Generale de Transport Aeriene.

In 1990 Air Inter also joined Air France.

Air France operated the inagural flight of the Supersonic Jet Concorde from Paris to Rio (via Dakar) on January 21st, 1976 

In 1988 the airline was the launch customer of the first fly by wire Airbus A320, with which they also suffered a crash at a local air show later on.

In 2004 Air France and KLM merged to reduce the French Governemnt shareholding.

In 2007 the joint became transantlantic with Delta Airlines forming the OPEN SKIES venture. 


Main offices are in the Paris-Charled de Gaulle Airport which is also its hub.

The airline has 9 subsidiary companies, owns 235 aircrafts and employs over 69.000 people.


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