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Besides model trains and plastic model kits, the Swiss company Arwico distributes diecast models made by Schuco, Revell, Ebbro, M4 and other companies in Switzerland. Some models by these manufacturers are made in special liveries for Arwico, e.g. post and emergency vehicles or racing cars driven by Swiss drivers. In 2009 Arwico released their own diecast model of a Saurer post coach in 1/87th scale, a model which was originally sold by the Swiss post in a gift set along with two Schuco models in the same scale. In the following year, Arwico introduced a model of the badge-engineered FBW bus in its own range, whereas the Saurer version was added to the 1/87th scale range by Schuco. More Swiss buses followed from 2012 on, starting with a 1/87th scale FBW 50U 55L and a 1/50th scale Mercedes-Benz Citaro in the livery of Swiss Post. Furthermore, 1/87th scale models of Saurer and Berna trucks have been released in cooperation with the model railroad manufacturer Liliput since 2014.

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