AutoCult was founded in early 2015 by a team of auto enthusiasts with a track record in the diecast model vehicle industry. The brand focuses on obscure vehicles which were innovative in some way, either through their styling or construction method. In 2017 they were inducted into the Diecast Hall of Fame as the Novice Diecast Maker of the Year.

Models are cast in resin and are all accompanied by a booklet giving the history of the vehicle. Models are limited to a production run of 333 each. The company also produces a book entitled “AutoCult” – the first of which came out in 2015 – which profiles all the models produced that year. AutoCult’s 1:43 scale models are split into 12 product ranges, which include streamliners, microcars and racing cars.  

Autocult's models can be matched to their corresponding series by the colours on their packaging, as well as their item numbers.  All the items in a series reference numbers start with the identifying numbers.  Their item no. system is as follows;

Item no. starting with…      Series
01000…                                 1/43 Early Beginnings
02000…                                 1/43 Brands of the Past 
03000…                                 1/43 Small & Micro Cars
04000…                                 1/43 Streamliner
05000…                                 1/43 Special Editions
06000…                                 1/43 Prototypes
07000…                                 1/43 Racing
08000…                                 1/43 Delivery Vehicles
09000…                                 1/43 Camping 
10000…                                 1/43 Buses
11000…                                 1/43 Trucks
12000…                                 1/43 Emergency Vehicles
80000…                                 1/18 Sculptures
99000…                                 1/43 Special Edition
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