Boba Fett


Boba Fett was a Mandalorian warrior and bounty hunter. He was the only unaltered clone of the famed Jango Fett, and was raised as Jango's son. After watching his father die on Geonosis at a young age, Fett became a bounty hunter working often for Jabba the Hutt. When the Empire was founded, Fett worked for the Empire and even directly with Darth Vader, who had grown a respect for the bounty hunter. His biggest bounty came when he captured Rebel hero Han Solo, and delivered him to Jabba. Shortly after that though, Luke and Leia, with the help of Lando Calrissian, R2-D2 and C-3PO, broke Han Solo out, who later knocked Boba Fett into the Sarlacc Pit on Tatooine. In the expanded universe, Boba Fett escaped the Pit by using a thermal detenator to launch himself to freedom. There is a Boba Fett movie announced by Disney, set to release in 2020.

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