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Corgi Juniors


The Corgi Juniors range was launched in 1970 as a rebranding of the Husky range. Many of the models were carried over, although new releases followed, with Whizzwheels and the sub-range of Corgi Rockets following quickly. 

The range was never as broad as the Matchbox competitors, and tended towards more cartoon and film related models than Matchbox did, leading to a relatively small selection of 'normal' cars. However, several models were launched alongside or soon after the real cars in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

New castings almost disappeared after 1983, with a vast variety of colours, promotionals and other liveries applied to the existing models to try and keep the range fresh. Those new castings that were released were often vans that could gain extra income from promotional use, but by the later 1980s an increasing range of new cars were once again available, and with Mattel Ownership from 1989 came an exchange of Hot Wheels models.

Corgi Juniors disappeared when Corgi Classics was separated from Mattel in 1995, although a range similar in size and ethos to Juniors is now sold as Corgi Toys.

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