DC Comics Bombshells Statues


DC Fans Rejoice! You can now get your hands on these amazing Bombshells figures! Cryptozoic’s DC Comics Bombshells figures, based on the popular line of collectibles and comics, draw inspiration from 1940s pinup art while depicting an alternate reality where DC’s superpowered female characters are at the center of World War II. The core lineup of figures includes Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, and Catwoman. Each collectible is hand-painted and styled to pay homage to classic pinups with a cute cartoonish twist. 

The regular lineup of colorful DC Comics Bombshells Vinyl Figures will be sold at retailers nationwide, while the exclusive “Noir Edition” of Harley Quinn will be available only at Barnes & Noble stores. 

Since Their launch they've been growing the line up beyond the initial series and Noir variant too. Since they have been met with such acclaim and success there have been editions spanning into the realm of BAM exclusives, Barnes & Noble exclusives, and even some Comic Con exclusives. Most notably the Golden Goddesses from the 2017 SDCC. However, they're not stopping there. Cryptozoic has launched a second Series comprising The Batwoman, Poison Ivy and Supergirl. Due out in November 2017, and March 2018 will see their first male editions.

Brace for impact....

Dramatic pause....

Batman and the Joker in full color 7 in models!!! The November 2017 launch greatly compliment the 2017 NYCC Powerful in Pink Wonder Woman. Cryptozoic is geared to wow us and keep the awe rolling with more releases to come. Expect more models to be released in Noir, look for the Black and White Sketch editions, and keep an eye on Lootcrate. There was already a  Metallic Wonder Woman released, and I Wonder if they'll do another. Don't forget about the Platinum edition too! ; - D

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