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From the AutoCult website:


From the AutoCult website:

During the 1920s, mechanized vehicles known as "vans" were developed to serve the needs of craftsmen, tradespeople, and commercial companies to replace horse-drawn caravan wagons. Early vans were tricycle creations based on motorcycle components, but, they were soon superseded by larger express vans constructed from early auto and truck components. Larger vehicle size allows you to transport 200 - 300 Kg and a wide range of short haul transport needs. Pioneering manufacturers in Germany included Dixi, Tempo, and Framo.

After the Second World War, rebuilding ravaged countries in Western Europe. This process is very much a part of the development of versatile vans like the DKW F8 and F9 rapid delivery van, Tempo Wiking, and VW Transporter. Often light capacity vans varnished the power required by many companies. First manufactured in the 1930s, vehicles such as the Opel Blitz and the Phanomen.

National and local governments had an impact on the development as well. In Germany, Volkswagen designed and built the "6,000" type 147 delivery vehicles known as "Fridolins" for the German Postal Service.



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