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Diecast Hall of Fame Class of 2009


The inaugural class of the Diecast Hall of Fame was made up of 26 influential figures within the diecast community including automotive legences  "Big Daddy" Eli Roth, Chip Foose, George Barris, Tom Daniel, and Boyd Coddington. 

Larry Wood, one of the first designers to work at Hot Wheels in the last 1960s who debuted with the TriBaby in 1970, was also inducted into the hall of fame as a Diecast Designer. Also inducted as a Diecast Designer was Carson Lev, who worked for Mattel for a Decade and who now works closely with Chip Foose. Hot Wheels collector turned museum owner Michael Zarnock was also inducted as a Diecast Historian for his two-time Guinness World Record-setting collection. 

A number of other folks were inducted, including the Intruiging Collectors Shane Whittenbarger, Roy Nakamura, and Japan George. Jerry Yates was awarded the Random Acts of Kindness (ROAK) Award, while Carol Shelby was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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