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Ford Times

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Ford Times was a monthly publication produced by Ford Motor Company. The first issue was published on April 15, 1908. It remained in publication until 1996. The magazines were similar to Reader's Digest and Yankee. Ford Times magazines were 4x6 inches in size. Each issue usually consisted of several stories about destinations for sports or vacations or of historic interest, by such writers as Edward Ware Smith, Corey Ford, Bernard De Voto, and Edward Weeks as well as promotional information about current Ford vehicles. Early issues were monochrome. Issues in the 1950s and 1960s featured many paintings. Arthur Lougee was the art director then of both the Ford company's New England Journeys, Ford Times and Lincoln Mercury Times. He featured in these publications dozens of America's contemporary watercolor artists such as John Whorf, Henry McDaniel, Forrest Orr, Glenn MacNutt, Loring Coleman, Stuart Eldridge, Paul Sample, King Coffin, Maxwell Mays, Robert Paul Thorpe, Estelle Coniff, Glen Krause, JWS Cox, C Robert Perrin, Edward Turner, Ward Cruickshank II, Alphonse J Shelton, RJ Holden, Dorothy Manuel, Frederick James, William Barss, Eunice Utterback, Andrew Winter. Paintings by Charley Harper and Henry E McDaniel were often on the covers.

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