Hasbro, Inc. was organized in 1923 by the Hassenfeld brothers and based in Providence, Rhode Island. Currently this firm operates several divisions including several featuring diecast models. A series of "Muppets" vehicles were issued in the early 1980s. During the late 1980s, they produced small-scale plastic "Road Hogs".

After purchasing Tonka as one of their toy divisions, they simultaneously acquired the Kenner name. In the early to mid 1990s, the Kenner division introduced a series of diecast vehicles based on Batman movies. All the castings may have been produced by Yat Ming. An example of the "Riddler's" 1950s Buick with a soft-top was part of Yat Ming's "American Dream" series. The Hasbro example was re-badged for this particular licensed product. Coincidentally, there was a Yat Ming Firebird appearing in a Kenner promotional. The 1994 Transformer series called "Go-Bots" were 1:64 scale plastic models made by Takara and are still produced today.

A series of NASCAR vehicles called "Winner's Circle" was launched in 1997. These were packaged under the Kenner-Parker name. Later, this was replaced with the Hasbro name. In 2000, Hasbro dropped the Kenner Division and Winner's Circle was sold to Action Performance. In 2001, they introduced a series of action diecast vehicles for the movie, "Jurassic Park III". They licensed Maisto to produce GI Joe military vehicles. For 2002, Hasbro obtained licensing from Disney with a series titled "Wild Racers". A total of twelve vehicles were available in two-packs, each shaped as a popular Disney character.

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