Highway 35 World Race

Multimedia Franchise

"Hot Wheels Highway 35 is a mystical raceway that should not exist, but does. Five extraordinary teams race against each other twisting and turning through five extreme environments worldwide: desert, jungle, mountain, water, and city. There are seven cars on each team for a total of 35 cars with new ultra-fast wheel technology and extreme graphics. Each car comes with a unique World Race comic book and a collector token!"- Mattel 2003 Dealer's Catalog. 

To celebrate the brand's 35th anniversary, Hot Wheels created, in collaboration with Starlight Runner Entertainment and Mainframe Entertainment, an animated special that aired on Cartoon Network. A total of 35 redecorated castings were released under the main series, but special editions/other variants were made available through Video Packs and World Race tracksets.

Modeled on the transmedia storytelling business model, Highway 35 World Race witnessed exposure through multiple mediums including but not limited to toys, comics, websites, animated specials, and promotional events. Though the movie can be considered a standalone story, the official narrative is expanded through the succeeding AcceleRacers series. 

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