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Hurst produced aftermarket replacement manual transmission shifters and other automobile performance enhancing parts.

Hurst was also an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplier for automakers and provided services or components for numerous muscle car models by American Motors (AMC), Chrysler, and FORD. Their products were included as standard equipment in AMC's The Machine (also known as the Rebel Machine), AMC-AMXs and Javelins, Boss Mustang 302 and the Boss 429, as well as Dodge Chargers, Plymouth Barracudas, and Plymouth Superbirds, among others.

Some specialty automobile models produced in cooperation with automakers that incorporated the Hurst logo or name, included:

  • 1969 AMC SC/Rambler
  • 1970 Chrysler Hurst 300
  • 1971 Hurst Jeepster

Hurst Performance was also the inventor of the "Jaws of Life" — a hydraulic rescue tool. The company designed a complete Hurst Rescue System in the early 1970s, a specialty Emergency Medical Services (EMS) apparatus. Based on the AMC Gremlin, it served as a quicker and more compact emergency vehicle, compared to the traditional heavy rescue vehicles used at motorsportrace tracks and as a companion vehicle to any highway emergency system.

George Hurst expanded into other specialty performance products during the 1960s by acquiring Schiefer Manufacturing, a maker of clutches and Airheart, a maker of brake systems.

In 2007 B & M Racing and Performance Products bought the Hurst brand.

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