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James Bond Car Collection


This series has been promoted in a number of countries and was called "Les voitures de James Bond" in French. It is now planned to come to the US.  The complete UK collection comprised 134 issues, with 3 further models supplied as gifts to early subscribers. To start with only 40 issues were scheduled for the collection, but due to popularity, and after numerous extensions the collection finished at 134, with a total price of over £1,000. The final issue contained a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow from Moonraker.

Initially the models were produced by Universal Hobbies, later issues were models sourced from Ixo. In late 2005/January 2006 the magazine was first tested in two French regions, ending after five issues. These included models made by Eligor and Norev, instead of the Universal Hobbies models used later.

Throughout the collection, collectors noticed a number of errors both in the printed publication and the models themselves. Notable examples include;

  • Some of the issues have the same photo of Bond on the front cover: 4 & 87, 16 & 95, 20 & 85, 29 & 99, 37 & 86, 41 & 100, 50 & 96, 60 & 91. While others have the same poster on the back cover. Issue 6 is the only magazine not to feature 007 on the cover, Zao is used.
  • Models from 'Casino Royale' (except issue 100) and 'Quantum of Solace' have been neglected miniature figures, even if the scene in which they are depicted requires one.
  • Felix Leiter's 1964 Thunderbird from issue 42 has the taillights of the 1965 model.
  • Issue 65, The Italian police Defender chasing Bond and the Alfa Romeos is supposed to be a 2.5 Puma, but the model is actually an older TD5.
  • Issue 69 is highly inaccurate in relation to the rear end of the real Aston Martin V8 Volante.
  • Issue 70 wrongly contained the X350 version of the Daimler Super-8 instead of the X308 Daimler Super V8 as featured in the film.
  • The Audi 200 quattro from issue 72 is out of proportion and not an accurate model. It does however correctly show the flared fenders of the Exclusive version featured in the film.
  • Issue 84: The Dragon Tank is out of proportion vertically and not an accurate model.
  • Issue 87: On page 7 'MI6 on Location', picture 8 with M sitting at her desk claimed it was from 'Casino Royale' but it is a picture from 'Quantum of Solace'.
  • Issue 88 is a model of a Cadillac hearse converted by Miller-Meteor, not the Superior Coach Company as shown in the film. The magazine also includes a wrong poster on the back. A 'Dr. No' one is published instead of one from 'Diamonds Are Forever'.
  • The first run of issue 89's box lists the Ford Anglia as being from the film 'From Russia with Love' when in fact it was from 'Dr. No'. This has been corrected for later releases in other countries.
  • Issue 99 purports that the military officer Bond impersonates to seek access to the airfield seen at the start of 'Octopussy' is General Toro, he was in fact of the rank of Colonel not General as the magazine erroneously states.
  • Issue 102, the Bondola has a grey base as opposed to the rest of the collection which have black bases. The vehicle also lacks a figure of Roger Moore and it is in the much smaller scale of 1:72.
  • (German) Issue 105 says that the Ford Country Squire has an engine size of 36,390 cc.
  • Issue 111, Largo's 1965 Thunderbird retains the 1964 grille from issue 42.
  • Issue 113, the VAZ as featured in 'GoldenEye' has the wrong 'Lada Niva' rear badge.
  • Issue 117, The Mercedes Benz Model is not of a W180 220s but a W120 180 which has indicator on side of fender near windscreen
  • Issue 119: The back of the diorama for the model states the film is 'For Your Eyes Only', rather than the correct film 'Thunderball'. The Lincoln Continental limousine is poorly modelled, particularly the passenger compartment, curved shoulder line and too large taillights. The reverse lights are moulded in red instead of clear plastic.
  • Issue 120: The back of the diorama has no film listed although the corresponding film was printed on the preceding issue.
  • Issue 127: The Ambulance is facing the wrong direction.
  • Issue 128: The Morris Minor neglects to have a registration plate present, and the folded up roof is the incorrect colour; being that of the car's body
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