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Jaws (Character)


Jaws is a fictional henchman who appears in the James Bond films The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979). Jaws is notable for his height, strength and metal teeth, which he can use to bite through practically anything (including people). He also appears to be mute in his first appearance, but has one line in Moonraker. 

Jaws is introduced in The Spy Who Loved Me in the employ of megalomaniac Karl Stromberg and was initially intended to die when Stromberg's underwater HQ was destroyed. However, he proved so popular with audiences that a shot of him escaping and swimming away was added to the film and he returned in Moonraker as one of villain Hugo Drax's henchmen.

He ultimately switched sides and helped Bond when he realized that Drax's plan to repopulate the earth with perfect physical specimens meant he and his newly-found girlfriend Dolly would be exterminated. Jaws and Dolly were later rescued from the ruins of Drax's space station. Jaws is played by the American actor Richard Kiel.

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