Jet Wheels


It appears this brand was the result of the sale of AMT Pups to Mego Toy Corp in 1968. Presumably, AMT recognized that competition for the existing market with Hot Wheels was not to be successful. The cars produced by Mego used the same tools but identified the new name or a resemblance to it on their baseplates. The "Pups" line already consisted of a Camaro, Cougar, Mustang and Charger. The new Jet Wheel cars added consisted of a Corvette, Corvair, Riviera and an AMC AMX. The most apparent conversion was the wheel design. The Pups were designed with heavy axles similar to Matchbox "regular wheels". The Mego offerings were transformed with "speed wheels" and were competing for the new Hot Wheels market. All models were fitted with metal baseplates and identify "Jet Wheel". Also included in the Mego lineup were F-l open wheel racecars. These were a BRMH 16, Cooper Masrerati, Eagle, Ferrari, Ferrari 36V, HondaV12, Lola Climax and Lotus Climax. The castings were copies of the original Penny line. They featured "doll drivers" behind the steering wheel. Production of all the replicas was in Hong Kong. Mego offered both series in a clear plastic garage attached to a packaging card. Both the name "Jet Wheels" or "Jets" were used on the packaging. There was also a set including the car in the garage and a short length of orange track. The windowbox stated "Hi-Speed Wheels Jet Car" and "Speed 10 ft. Track". In addition to the Jet Wheel brand name, these cars were issued as Tuffy for the York Toy Co in Pennsylvania for McCrory chain store distribution and as Super Speedys, but with no manufacturer's name. Both of these last two offerings introduced the very scarce Bonneville to the line. Lastly, the Super Speedys series exclusively released the Torino that is equally as scarce. The Tuffy cars sported silver hubbed wheels. The Super Speedys were provided with "sticker" mags. The Fls did not appear as Tuffys.

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