Keen Kutter


Founded in 1870 by E.C. Simmons Hardware in St. Louis, Missouri. This prosperous company was famous for many fine lines of items ranging from Axes and Pocket Knives to Lawn Mowers and Apple Peelers. The first mark, designed in 1879, was a simple shield logo. The letters were in a somewhat bold style that seems apparent at the time. Then around 1896, the famous "Splitting Wedge" logo was designed, and soon became what is now the most famous logo among antique tools. This selection of tools from our database will all be from the 1870 - 1992 period. In 1940, Shapleigh's Hardware purchased the Simmons company  and continued making Keen Kutter Products. The mark remained the same except with the replacement of E.C. Simmons with Shapleigh's. In 1960, Val-Test Tools purchased Shapleigh's and continued the Keen Kutter Line. The mark on these items were the Splitting Wedge logo in the foreground, in front of a large K. This firm remained in business until 1992. The name and mark is now privately owned and occasionally is issued with pocket knives. 

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