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Germany's and Europe's biggest Airline.


Germany's and Europe's biggest Airline.

Also a Parent for Austrian, Swiss, Germanwings, and Lufthansa Technics.

Started off in 1926 as DEUTSCHE LUFT HANSA A.G. also known as DLH until 1945.

After the 2nd World War in 1953, being still under the Allies contol of the German airspace, Lufthansa started servicing Convair and Lockheed aircraft at the Hamburg Airport.

In 1955 it finally got its first domestic flights approval linking Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Cologne, and Munich.

in 1990 The Star alliance was formed with Thai, United, Air Canada, and Scandinavia.

Today Lufthansa has its offices in Cologne, and hubs in Frankfurt along with Munich and Hamburg as tech bases.

Owns 247 aircraft (667 with Subsidiaries). Has over 118.000 employees. Fully owns another 9 airlines & partially owns another 4 airlines. Owns 8 companies in the aviation field to cover technical. traning, consulting, catering, even insurance needs 

The Crane logo was designed in 1918 by Otto Firle for the Deustche Luft-Reederei in 1919. Lufthansa adopted the logo in 1926.

The name was taken from a book published in 1925 titled "Luft Hansa" which was about the airline policy makers of the time.

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