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Mark Wylde (AcceleRacers)


"It's always a race."Hot Wheels AcceleRacers: Ignition


"It's always a race."Hot Wheels AcceleRacers: Ignition

Mark "Markie" Wylde is a supporting character in Mattel's animated series "AcceleRacers" voiced by Will Sanderson. 

As a team member of the Metal Maniacs faction, Mark Wylde cycles through vehicles Spine Buster and Flathead Fury. Markie is a hothead, driven by revenge and fury for constantly being in the shadow of his brother. Between the events of the World Race and AcceleRacers, Markie was found guilty of criminal activites. In the events of Ignition, when Tork challenges Nolo to a duel, Wylde is flustered that he was not informed, and subsequently sabotages the race.  Though he mostly stays within his team's good graces, conflict arises when he has to pay the price for trouble instigated by the Teku. Wylde's abandonment of teamwork sets the scene for the final act of AcceleRacers, and ultimately, Wylde's redemption. 

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