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The website circulates information about Marklin trains and the history of the Marklin company. A team of moderators, authors, and participants also help run the website and make it fun and enjoyable. The website looks at Marklin not only as a toy manufacturer, but a focus point in the last 150+ years of its history. A discussion about Marklin might on the surface be about toys and trains and at a deeper level be about the devastating impacts of war, the survivability of businesses, or the economics of collectibles. That is not to say one’s hobby of collecting toys must deal with such deep and heavy discussions but certainly these things are interesting to think about. 

The website discusses important events in Marklin's history including its difficulties during two World Wars, production of high-quality fakes, and the recent transition from a family-owned business.  Most of all, the website provides a community for Marklin enthusiasts to share and discover Marklin treasures and the stories behind them.  

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