Michael Heralda


Michael Heralda is a model car graphics designer and musician.

In 1997, Heralda started at Mattel as a graphic designer for Hot Wheels cars, beginning with the decals of the 1st Edition 1998 Escort Rally.  Previously, he had worked for Wham-O, as Art Director.

Between 1997 and 2005, it is estimated that Heralda may have produced around 2,500 decorations and designs for Mattel and Hot Wheels.  In 2005, Heralda began contributing designs for Matchbox, and combined, has created more than 5,000 designs for diecast.  His contributions to design for diecast models gained him a Diecast Designers Award in the Diecast Hall of Fame Class of 2012.

Michael retired from the Mattel Design group in 2015 and now is focusing on graphic design and (die cast) collector themed projects under his secret (not-so-secret) name - ADLAR58 DESIGNS. You might find "ADLAR58" on models he decorated prior to his retirement.

Michael is continueing with his music career as well. He had previously played guitar with "The Toys", a group of Mattel musicians.

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