Mini Jet


Early Years


Early Years

It appears that Norev had an opportunity to use 1:66 scale Schuco castings in 1975 and selected an assortment of models from the Schuco line that they thought would continue to sell under the Mini Jet name. In addition, Norev created their own original castings to introduce with the ex-Schuco models. In 1976, Norev selected additional Schuco castings to add to the Mini-Jet line. By 1978 Norev was only producing new castings of Mini-Jet models. New castings continued on a periodic basis through 1984 after which, no new models were produced in the Mini Jet line. Mini-Jet models were sold by Norev until 1994 when it seems that all production of small-scale Norev models ceased.

Mini-Jet models are simple diecast vehicles but with realistic colors and shapes and include cars seldom if ever done in small-scale. Early models are much like the ex-Schuco castings that Norev was able to use. On some models, the base and interior are one casting. The earlier models have opening features but on some models, these were not continued into the 1980s. For example, doors on later versions of the Ligier JS2 are cast shut. Since Mini-Jet doors were never spring loaded and tended to swing open on their own, this may not be considered a loss. Early models continued Schuco-style wheels but Norev's own wheels were used later on all models.
Later Years
Norev started production of the Mini Jet series again in the 2000s and now produces a large number of sub-series.
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