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Morgana Macawber


Morgana Macawber (voiced by Kath Soucie) is a sorceress who is originally a villain, but later reforms and becomes Darkwing's girlfriend. Though very powerful, Morgana has some trouble using her powers, since she forgets which spell she must use on a specific occasion. She is usually accompanied by her pet bats Eek and Squeak and her pet spider Archie (all of whom are voiced by Frank Welker). Darkwing first meets her in the episode "Fungus Amongus", when she is the president and chairperson of a mushroom-producing company that steals pizza toppings in a plot to take control of the pizza industry, but she eventually changes sides and helps Darkwing foil the plot. In the episode "Ghoul of My Dreams", she is shown to still be a criminal, since she uses magical sleep sand to make St. Canard citizens sleep-steal for her so "I'll finally be able to pay off my student loans." She reforms in the end and helps Darkwing defeat the primary villain of the episode. In the Boom! Studios comics, she sacrifices herself to save Darkwing from the monstrous Duckthulu; Darkwing believes she is still alive and lost in another reality, but is unable to find her. It turns out she is trapped in the same reality that Negaduck had been sent to: Darkwing brings her back to his reality in the final issue (#18) and is able to defeat Negaduck with a spell Morgana had secretly planted in him. However, due to Boom! Studios publishing "Dangerous Currency" without Disney oversight or approval, this story was declared non-canon; as of the current continuity in Joe Books' Darkwing Duck comic series, she is still missing. Her last name "Macawber" is a play on the words "macabre" and "macaw" (even though she is a duck, not a macaw).

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