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Mr. Burns


Charles Montgomery Burns, more commonly known simply as Mr. Burns, is a recurring character on the television show The SimpsonsMr. Burns is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, making him Homer Simpson's boss, and is also the richest and possibly the oldest, man in Springfield.  

Mr. Burns often appears in a villainous or antagonistic role, to either his employees or the town of Springfield in general. He shows little to no concern over his employees safety or the town's welfare, particularly if ignoring such matters create more profit for himself. He is also shown to be extrodinarily weak, possible due to both his advanceed age and his unwillingness to do any sort of physical work, much preferring to have Mr. Smithers, his assistant, or anyone else do it for him.  

Mr. Burns' favorite expression is the phrase "Excellent," ususally said in a sinister voice while steepling his fingers, said whenever something is going right for him. This phrase, as well as "Release the hounds," have become trademark expressions for the character in pop culture, with one of the two often appearing on items and collectibles based around him.

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