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From AutoCult's website:


From AutoCult's website:


The history of automobile racing begins shortly after the invention of the automobile. Fledgling manufacturers wanted to show you the best in terms of reliability and speed.

The very first races were usually distance races from city to city. In 1887, a 32 kilometer drive from Paris to Versailles was staged, and in 1895, this was followed by organized races on French public roads. Search engineport contests in all aspects of performance. 

It was inevitable that distance races on public roads would lead to catastrophe. During the 1903 Paris to Madrid race, eight people perished. These events cause a change of direction; Competitions on close racecourses designed for racing events on public roads. The first "Grand Prix" was staged in 1906 and closed course hillclimbs, sprint races, and open road rallies became popular. Many racing events have disappeared, but, the famous ones like LeMans, Monte Carlo, and the Nurburgring remain popular. In any motorsports race, the motto will be to win and be "better" than one's competitors. Racing history has brought many great developments in automotive construction, performance, and safety. 

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