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The first series of models was branded Rail/Route as the rest of the company that made mostly model train related articles.  The name was only later changed to Majorette.  There were 21 different models:

  • 1-A BRM F1 Racer
  • 2-A Porsche F1 Racer
  • 3-A Citroën Etalmobile Vending Truck
  • 4-A Bernard Fire Engine
  • 5-A Bernard Dump Truck
  • 6-A Bernard Open Truck
  • 6-B Bernard Flat Truck with Chains
  • 6-C Bernard Flat Truck with Earthmover
  • 7-A/107-A Hotchkiss Jeep with Dump Cart
  • 7-B Hotchkiss Jeep with Reel on back
  • 8-A Bernard Snow Plow
  • 9-A Ferrari 250 LM
  • 10-A Ferrari F1 Racer
  • 11-A Hotchkiss Jeep with Cattle Trailer
  • 12-A Bernard Circus Truck
  • 13-A Citroën DS 21
  • 14-A Citroën DS 21 with Boat Trailer
  • 15-A Citroën DS 21 with Sterckeman Lovely Trailer
  • 116-A Peugeot 404 Ambulance
  • 116-B Peugeot 404 Break
  • 117-A Citroën DS 21 with Alpine F3 Racer
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