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In 1964, a year after the introduction of the Faller AMS system, Bavarian company Reinhard & Co. KG presented their own HO system at the Nuremberg toyfair. The main difference between the Faller and the Rasant systems was that Rasant used a different slotsystem. Where Faller used a real slotsystem with visible slots and contact rails, Rasant used a system where the contact rails were hidden underneath the track and the vehicles made railcontact through two little pins. Besides looking more realistic then tracks with visible contactrails the Rasant system also had the advantage that it was nearly impossible to let cars fly of the track in high speed corners. Although the Rasant system was marketed as 'HO-scale', the carmodels are actually bigger then that and closer to 1/64.

All Rasant models have diecast bodies from Rasants own production. (Originally Rasant wanted to use bodies made by one of the major die-cast manufacturers for their models but this idea was abandoned when it turned out they were unable to work out a deal with any of them). All models have identical chassis', even the ones that were used on the simplified slotcar track later on. Identyfing an original Rasant model is easy, on all models Rasant used simple rubber rings as tires because there were no suitable tires on the market at the time and Rasant did not want to start making tires themselves due to the high production cost.

Unfortunately this railsystem, due to it's difficult and expensive technique, made the Rasant sets too expensive and they did not become very popular. Despite the fact that Rasant changed their system and made it simpler and more slotcar-like in later years the slow sales forced the company into bankruptcy in 1969.

During the 1964-1969 production time only four different models were released, although several of them appeared in more versions.

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