Regular Tomica


Tomica Regular Series (“Black Box”/“Red-and-White Box")

Tomica started with the release of six models in 1970. The seventh was issued later in the year. From then on, the Tomica line grew until there was a total of 109 concurrent models by 1978 — nos. 1 – 108 and no. 110 since the no. 109 was proposed and seen in catalogs but never released. The variety of models also expanded from the initial coupes and sedans to taxis, buses, trucks, construction and other commercial vehicles. Even a steam engine and an ocean liner were offered. As new models were issued, each was assigned a number from 1 to 120, thus replacing an existing model.

At first, the boxes used a black background. Since 1984, each new model came with a new style box with a red-and-white background. Existing models issued before 1984 kept using the older style box with black background until 1988, when all boxes were updated to the new style. Hence, domestic models are commonly referred to as the “black box” or “red-and-white Box” models depending on their boxes.

In 2009, the line expanded again with the introduction of a line of models reminiscent of the old "Long Tomica".  These were models designated with the numbers 121-140.

In 2013, a number of "Dream Tomica" were assigned the numbers 141 through to 156.  However, not all "Dream Tomica" releases were issued with numbers.  Number 157 appeared in 2016, adding to the confusion. "Dream Tomica" are filed in their own section.

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