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The name "Rola-matics" was used by the Lesney company to denote a certain subset of Matchbox Miniatures diecast models from 1973 to 1982.

These models are distinguished from others by having working features which are triggered by pegs attached to some of the models' wheels.

The Rola-matics name was cast on these models' bases, and while they shared wheel styles and general appearance with contemporary Superfast models, they were never officially called "Superfast".

Some of the models survived in production beyond 1982, especially in the shape of re-issues (thereby sometimes losing the working feature), but the Rola-matics name was not officially used anymore thereafter.

Unfortunately, due to the thin superfast axles and the peg mechanism mounted on the wheel, even some of the better condition models have suffered bent axles, as the peg can push out rather than operating smoothly.

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