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From AutoCult's website:


From AutoCult's website:

Micro Cars

During the early 1950's, the Federal Republic of Germany, founded in 1948, was still in its infancy. All eyes were focused on the future. Throughout Europe, governments were committed to reconstruction after the end of World War II. One major goal was to raise the standard of living of their citizens and increase their mobility.  Most families were forced to rely on a small car or motorcycle or maybe a bicycle.  Only the wealthy could afford a large family vehicle.

Seeking to provide families with some form of modern transportation, resourceful technicians created a new range of very small three-wheel or four-wheel very small cars.  Called "Microcars", many of these vehicles were not of superior quality when compared to today's automobiles, but, they provided new autos to a population seeking to once again travel freely.

Microcars served as the inspiration for subcompact automotive designs that are commonplace today.

Today, many of the unique Microcars have been forgotten or were not big sales successes, but, they are perfect subjects for scale models as an interesting part of history.


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