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From AutoCult's website:


From AutoCult's website:

Special Editions

When the automobile was created, its popularity spread slowly. Horse-drawn carriages and wagons were still the transporation used by most people and those who created self-propelled vehicles worked to develop three- or four-wheel designs that could travel short distances without damage.  Functionality was paramount and nobody thought about the need to create special designs. In the pioneering days of autos, carriages were omnipresent and no one really envisioned what direction self-propelled vehicles would develop into.

Camille Jenatzy was one of the first who consciously created an auto with a purpose; to break the automobile speed record.  In 1899, his design achieved 66.66 km/hr and exceeded 100 km/hr by April of 1899.  Jenatzy's design featured aero bodywork. 

The first component specifically designed was the grille used for the radiator, followed later by front body cowl, fenders, and the passenger compartment.

By the 1920s automobile body shapes became more refined. Design studies and special bodies for production  chassis were created by skilled designers.  Freelance automotive body designers transformed their visions into the "perfect" automobile.  Names like Paul Jaray, Raymond Loewy, Alec Issigonis, and Hans Ledwinka gained fame for designing sophisticated and imaginative designs.

Unique body designs created by ingenious engineers and designers are equally depicted by AutoCult as well as the designs of well known marques such as Porsche and Ford. 

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