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Taro Kitano (AcceleRacers)


"Let's get even."Hot Wheels AcceleRacers: Ignition.


"Let's get even."Hot Wheels AcceleRacers: Ignition.

Taro Kitano is a supporting character in Mattel's animated series "AcceleRacers" voiced by Kevan Ohtsji. 

As a team member of the Metal Maniacs faction, Taro Kitano briefly pilots the '70s RoadRunner (presumably rebuilt from his World Race version) before switching over to Rivited. Reintroduced in Ignition, Taro has become distant since the events of the World Race elapsed, breaking up with Lani Tam, and becoming "hard to talk to". Being a man of few words, Taro speaks through his forceful action, and would much rather barge through the obstacle or opponent.  Even with his brusque methods, he has no qualms with resorting to mastery to complete challenges. As the series progresses, Taro becomes more and more fascinated with Teku racer Karma Eiss, and ultimately brings Kurt close enough to the Metal Maniacs. 

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