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Tech Trax 2004


In 2004, Hot Wheels launched a new track and vehicle system vastly different from their traditional orange tracks and plastic/die-cast cars. The cars had to be assembled and could be equipped with base weights to adjust track performance. The product challenged consumers to learn how to tweak their cars in tandem with the track's play patterns. Outside of the main tracks, Hot Wheels released 2 packs for cars of each classification. The segment ran from 2004 to 2005. 

The lineup is as follows: 

  • Jump Master cars 2-pack (Toy #B4681)
  • Turbo Torque cars 2-pack (Toy #B4682)
  • Power Pivot cars 2-pack (Toy #B4683)
  • Stow N' Go Flex Loop Stunt Set (Toy #G3736)
  • Stow N' Go Power Swing Stunt Set (Toy #B4686)
  • Stow N' Go Trigger Flip Stunt Set 
  • Jump Thruster/Gravitread Stunt Set (Toy #G4321)
  • Crash Chamber (Toy #B6529)
  • Airstunt Challenge (Toy #B4688)
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