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Tech Trax 2004


In 2004, Hot Wheels, with the creative oversight of Object8, launched a new track and vehicle system vastly different from their traditional orange tracks and plastic/die-cast cars. The cars had to be assembled and could be equipped with base weights to adjust track performance. The product challenged consumers to learn to master this measurement-based track system and tweak their cars in tandem with the track's play patterns. Outside of the main tracks, Hot Wheels released 2 packs for cars of each classification. The segment ran from 2004 to 2005. 

The lineup is as follows: 

  • Jump Master cars 2-pack (Toy #B4681)
  • Turbo Torque cars 2-pack (Toy #B4682)
  • Power Pivot cars 2-pack (Toy #B4683)
  • Stow N' Go Flex Loop Stunt Set (Toy #G3736)
  • Stow N' Go Power Swing Stunt Set (Toy #B4686)
  • Stow N' Go Trigger Flip Stunt Set 
  • Jump Thruster/Gravitread Stunt Set (Toy #G4321)
  • Crash Chamber (Toy #B6529)
  • Airstunt Challenge (Toy #B4688)
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