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The Dinky Collection


The Dinky Collection was launched by Matchbox in 1988 shortly after the two famous brands were joined under the same ownership. The models selected were initially from the 1950s and 60s - Dinkys heyday - and reflected a range of European and American models at 1:43 scale. In this way they complimented Matchbox's existing Models of Yesteryear range. It is not quite clear, however, why the BMW 507 model was launched as a MOYY at around the same time, rather than a Dinky.

The range was expanded over the next few years, with some colour changes to existing models, and different liveries on the vans, which were also available as code 3 models. A couple of models were made available as either open or closed convertibles, whilst the MGB GT casting was decorated as either the standard 4 cylinder or V8 models. 

There don't appear to have been any changes to the range in 1993 or 94, but in 1995 three new models were released giving a total of 35, with some final colour changes. However, shortly after this the range was discontinued making DY-33, DY-35 and DY-36 amongst the rarest and most sought after. The mystery of what DY-34 may have been and why it wasn't released is still debated.

With two exceptions, the models released were all cars issued in rectangular cardboard and part clear plastic boxes with a plastic section for part of the front, end flaps and lid. The two exceptions were released in full, hinged carboard boxes as special editions, although it is doubtful that the production was limited. Of these, one was also not a car or light commercial at 1:43, being a Mercedes Coach at 1:50 (DY-10).

Many of the castings were later re-used for the Matchbox Collectibles Collection which was primarily only available by mail-order, and also re-used Yesteryear castings. Additional 'Dinky' models were also released, but these were not part of The Dinky Collection.

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