Politoys / Vatutin Electromechanical Toy Factory Mercedes Benz 230 SL

This was the third model issued in the M-Series. It featured opening doors, hood and trunk with engine detail, tilting seatbacks, suspension and - initially - plastic "wire wheels". The wheels were later changed for metal-spoked hubs. Some late models were produced with the same cast metal "alloy" wheels used on the M-Series Ferrari 250 Le Mans and the Export Series Iso Grifo. Early models had a white waterslide-transfer rear license plate decal, later ones had a paper sticker. 

The model was one of several for which the moulds were later sold to Russia, where it was produced by the Vaututin Electromechanical Toy Factory. These models had the baepalte text changed and were produced to much lower quality with dull paint colors and no chrome plated parts.

The same car was also modelled in the Fiberglass series of lower-cost models. This version looked almost identical but was actually slightly larger at 1/41 scale and had only opening doors. This model was later produced in Mexico by McGregor.

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