Lego Opel Kapitän

The first regularly produced 1:87 scale cast were not designed in Billund Denmark... but in Oslo Norway (Svein Strømber & Co. subsidiary A/S Norske LEGIO) and (near the Danish border) in Hohenwestedt Germany (LEGO Germany GmbH).

The Germany designed Lego VW Beetle appears to have won this competition, and were produced starting in mid 1957... so the German LEGO subsidiary won this competition.

The Norwegian made car was an Opel Kapitän was not selected for production, and it appears to have had problems with the roof and "glass" connection, so all known examples of this rare car are prototypes, and all appear to have been taken from the Norwegian company by Svein Strømberg employees.  There are about 15 of these now known.... in 1/2 dozen colors.

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