Mercedes-Benz 350 SE / 450 SE (Schuco & Brinquedos REI)

Model cames in 1974 in 2 civilian and a police version:

  1. as Mercedes 350 SE (Ref. 301 866)
  2. as Mercedes 450 SE (Ref. 301 873)
  3. as Mercedes 350 SE Polizei (Ref. 305 868)

Models and colours of Ref. 301 866 and 301 873 was identical, the difference was the papersheet in the Box only. On baseplates were at all both Ref. numbers as well as some technical dates of real cars casted. Interiors in red or gray are known. There no exist a version with number 305 868 (Polizei) on baseplate.

The police version comes with green hoods, with or without decal "Polizei" and blue warning beacon on roof. Maybe last models skimps blue warning beacon on roof (my's comes in a box with Ref. 301 866).

After Schuco's bankruptcy this was also one of the castings the molds came to Brazil and were produced in the 80's. There model came as Mercedes 450 SE (Ref. SH 1873) only.

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