VW Porsche 914 (Schuco & Brinquedos REI)

Model comes in Germany in 4 versions:

  1. in 1970 as VW Porsche 914 S (Ref. 301 826)
  2. in 1970 as VW Porsche 914 2.0 (Ref. 301 827)
  3. in 1971 as VW Porsche 914/6 Rennversion (race version) (Ref. 301 836)
  4. in 1974 as VW Porsche 914 Renndienst or ONS Rennstreckensicherung (race service) (Ref. 302 869)

The Ref. 301 826 was single coloured, Ref. 301 827 has 2-tone paintwork with black roof. The race version (Ref. 301 836) had aditional stripes (printed or sticker) on the front and most a racing number (1 - 9 available). From race service edition are 2 versions known: ONS Rennstreckensicherung (with Recaro promotion, letter "R" on both hoods and white stripes - known as sticker or printed) and of course Renndienst with racing numbers 1 - 9 on front. Race service edition cars has a yellow warning beacon on roof.

All versions uses the same baseplate marked with Nr. 826 / Nr. 827 and some technical dates of real car and has black interior.

One specialty is known from Ref. 301 826 with blue paintwork: there exists also a version with marked "PR.NA Z.F.DE MANAUS" on baseplate - will mean, was produced in Brazil. During the Schuco production years some models were abroad made. These carry the Schuco logo, instead of "Made in Germany" was cast "PR.NA Z.F.DE MANAUS" on the baseplate - these models were produced by "REI / Alfema" with original Schuco tools - the blue VW Porsche is the best known of them.

After Schuco's bankruptcy this was one of the castings the molds came to Brazil and were produced in the 80's. In series Miniaturas REI exist 3 versions:

  1. SH 1826 VW Porsche 914 1.7
  2. SH 1827 VW Porsche 914 2.0
  3. SH 1836 VW Porsche 914/6 RS

Here also versions with red interior known.


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