BMW 3,0 CSL / 3,3 CSL Coupé (Schuco & Brinquedos REI)

Model cames in 1974 with Ref. 306 875 with and without "Jägermeister" decals, browned baseplate and black or red interior. Versions with decals had also a race number from 1 to 9. There are printed versions and also versions as sticker known. The stickers on this version are gold hemmed.

After Schuco's bankruptcy this was one of the castings the molds came to Brazil and were produced in the 80's. There model cames with chromed baseplate with Ref. SH 6875 as BMW 3,0 CSL in the early 80's.

The real cars are known as BMW 3,0 CSL, 3,2 CSL and 3,5 CSL - a BMW 3,3 CSL was unknown in real life.

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