M2 Machines Auto-Drivers 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7, GT-E 428 & R-Code

The M2 Machines Auto-Drivers 1968 Mercury Cougar casting has been issued as an XR-7, a GT-E 428 and an R-Code. In common with the rest of the Auto-Drivers Series, it does not feature opening parts, but does have separate rubber tires. The casting depicts a car with a sun-roof and has been issued with and without mask-sprayed vinyl tops. The XR-7, GT-E 428 and R-Code have different hood scoops and wheels that are correct to the real vehicles represented. Each have been packaged both on blister cards and in window boxes.

The 1968 Mercury Cougar also appeared in the Auto-Thentics series. This is a different casting with an opening hood and doors (see here).

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