Hot Wheels Lotus Turbine

The Hot Wheels Lotus Turbine was based on the cars Andy Granatelli's STP team raced at Indianapolis in 1968.  The actual car used a gasoline-powered turbine engine made by Pratt & Whitney which led to the Lotus Turbine name used by Hot Wheels.

The casting was designed by Ira Gilford and was produced from 1969 through 1971. The Lotus Turbine was an original member of the Grand Prix series which also debuted in 1969.  It was only made in Hong Kong and was generally found on the Grand Prix Series card, included a metal button and a waterslide racing decal sheet.  It came usually with black interior, but also comes with uncommon beige interior and - very rare - with a white interior. Prototypes have been known to come with clear glass,and snap on plastic gas tanks to help keep the car stable in the supercharger accessory.  The base is generally unpainted but some early examples had black bases and a few Lotus Turbines from England have been found with silver painted bases.  
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