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Welcome to our Marketplace powered by hobbyDB!

Now you can buy and sell items right here on your favorite site, and know that your purchase/sale will be protected by the secure marketplace solution created by our friends at hobbyDB.

Help me, I have an issue!

If there are issues with your order, a seller or buyer, please contact the hobbyDB team and we can help you resolve the problem right away.

Who are these hobbyDB people?

hobbyDB is a group of similarly-minded collectors and enthusiasts with a lot of experience selling online. The team has worked very hard to build a user-friendly, secure online marketplace for collectors everywhere.

For more info on what we're all about, check out our full help articles!

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For Buyers

Do I need to be a hobbyDB member to buy anything?

No sir-ee! You are welcome to checkout as a guest. If you have a hobbyDB account, you will have the additional benefit of the item going straight into your online collection, and more transparency into the progress of your order. This makes keeping a record of your collection super simple in the long run.

Check out all of the details about buying on our marketplace!

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What types of payment do you accept?

You can pay with your PayPal account or with a credit or debit card. We accept MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover. No matter what method of payment you use, all our payments are processed through PayPal, which means you will have the extra PayPal protection guarantee.

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How do I make sure I’m protected on this marketplace?

We take extra steps in our process to make sure our buyers get their items and are happy with them before we pay our sellers. When you pay for your order, your money is collected and put into a secure PayPal account. This way, if you are unhappy with your order, or a seller does not deliver, you will receive a refund.

We take both buyer and seller protection seriously here at hobbyDB. Check out our buyer and seller protection policies to see all the details.

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Will I get a tracking number for shipping?

We encourage our sellers to ship within 2-5 business days. As soon as the seller ships the item and updates their tracking, you will automatically get an email that shows the shipping carrier and tracking number so you can keep an eye on your order.

Been longer than 5 business days? No worries! Send our customer service team a message and we'll make sure you're taken care of right away. Send a message now.

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What is your return policy?

Stuff happens. If there are issues with an order, item, or seller, our return policy is there. We've got you covered! Follow this link for all the details on our buyer return policy. Have an issue? Send our team a message and we'll get on it ASAP!

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For Sellers

What happens after I sell an item?

Well, it’s actually a super simple process from purchase to payday. Check out our complete step-by-step process for completing a sale and getting paid!

We have dedicated Jedi who are here to ensure all transactions and interactions between buyers and sellers are easy as pie. If you encounter an issue, reach out to one of our Jedi, here.

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What’s the dealio with the marketplace fees?

We have kept it simple…

  • 7% fee on the sale price (not including Shipping!). This is capped at $100 per transaction
  • The standard PayPal fee for the sale (generally 2.9% plus $0.30)

Questions? Don't hesitate to ask us, here.

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When do I get paid?

We pay every Wednesday. You receive payment for all items which have been delivered since the last pay-day. You will receive payment at the PayPal email address that you provide upon signing up for a seller account. Once you become part of our Trusted Seller program, you will receive payments for all items that have had a tracking number added which indicates that the item will be delivered by the following Wednesday.

More details can be found here. Boom!

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